Valcourt FP15 Waterloo

Valcourt FP15 Waterloo Description

This striking wood fireplace is a logical and eco-friendly option for any homeowner looking to combine style and high efficiency.  With a crowned facade or arched look, this fireplace will be the king of your residence!

Behinc its large glass dorres, the combustion chamber can contain an impressive quantity of logs to heat large spaces and burn for hours, and this with the greatest respect for environmental standards, as it exceeds the EPA's highest standards.

  • Model # : FP15, FP15A
  • High-efficiency EPA certified fireplace
  • Recommended Heating Area (sq. ft.) : 1,000 - 2,800
  • Color : Metallic black
  • Glass air-wash system
  • Efficiency : 75%
  • Emissions : 1.6 g/h
  • Burn time:  11 hr
  • Maximum log length:  25"
  • Fan included:  176 cfm
  • Stainless-steel secondary-air system improving gas combustion
  • Burn rate : < 1kg/h (< 2.2 lb/h)
  • Cast iron andirons
  • Moulded refractory bricks
  • Recommended connector pipe diameter : 8"
  • Tested and listed as per applicable standards by : An accredited laboratory

Firebox – dimension (Width)25 3/8"
Firebox – dimension (Height)17"
Overall dimension (Height)43 3/8"
Overall dimension (Width)50 3/5"
Overall dimension (Depth)31 5/8"
Door opening dimensions (Height)12 3/4"
Door opening dimensions (Width)33"
Overall heat output rate16,610 BTU/hr - 43,021 BTU/hr
Maximum output - EPA test wood95,000 BTU/h
Minimum chimney height (feet)15
Maximum log length25"
Weight545 lb (247 kg)
Log positioningOver width
Type of chimney2100 °F (ULC S629/UL 103 HT)
Product typeWood
Door typeDouble, glass with cast iron frame
Glass typeCeramic glass
Firebox volume (cu. ft.)4.28
Canadian standard (emissions)CSA B415.1-10
USA standard (emissions)EPA/ASTM WK-47329
Canadian standard (safety)ULC S610
USA standard (safety)UL 127
Glass surface – dimensions (Width X Height)29 3/4" x 13"
Recommended heating area (sq. ft.)1,000 - 2,800
Emissions4.2 g/h
Flue outlet diameter8"
Recommended connector pipe diameter8"
WarrantyLimited lifetime
Tested and listed as per applicable standards byAn accredited laboratory