Marquis Barbara Jean Fire Table

Marquis Barbara Jean Fire Table Description

Imagine family and friends gathered around a mesmerizing ribbon of fire on the Barbara Jean Fire Table. You can enjoy one as soon as you design the look to fit your outdoor living space!
Available as either natural gas or propane, you first select what size burner you would like: 24", 36" or 48".  The required windguard fits perfectly around the burner.
The table body is either black with brown end doors or black with grey end doors.
The table top can be narrow (20 1/8" wide) or wide (28 5/16" wide).
Choose from five colours of glass crystal media or lava rocks for the base of your burner and then select between:
  • two driftwood log options
  • natural contemporary rocks
  • multi-coloured contemporary rocks
  • cannonballs
  • two sets of decorative stones
An optional on/off remote allows you more control.
When your evening is done, put the optional cover over your fire table.