Dimplex Opti-Myst Series

Dimplex Opti-Myst Series Description

The stunning appearance and majestic design of the Opti-myst® Pro is the perfect fit for custom applications. Tailor your wall treatment around the Opti-myst® Pro for a truly built-in look.
Revolutionary ultrasonic technology is used to create the lifelike flame and smoke effect of the Dimplex® Opti-myst®. As the mist (not steam) rises up through the logs, the light reflects against the water molecules creating a convincing illusion of flames and smoke. The result is an appearance so authentic it will be mistaken for a true wood-burning fire.
The most versatile design and styling options allow you to create this amazing look in any location:
- Electric fireboxes (see through or single-sided with optional glass):
  • to hold 40" + 20" cassettes
  • to hold 40" cassette

Cassettes come in the following configurations:

  • 20" or 40" cassettes that can be joined together in any length combination that can be inserted in your custom framing
  • 16" cassette
  • portrait cassette - 32 ½" H x 19 1/4" W x 10 1/4" D (includes heater and log set) (limited stock available)
Fireboxes come with multi-function remote control.
Heater option available for 20" and 40" designs and combinations.  Media options include log sets, black rock, river rock and driftwood.   Optional plug kit.
Optional direct plumbing kit, or quickly and easily fill the reservoirs in each cassette.
16" cassette can be purchased with the grey Mimico bookcase mantel, a cubist design Picasso himself would be proud of.  Each block in this playful stack is offset or cantilevered giving it depth and character. The final result is a highly functional expression of a contemporary curio which can be used to separate spaces or create an elegant focal point, beautifully exploiting the 360° views of the heatless Opti-myst® cassette. (61 3/4" H x 41 3/4" W x 15 3/4" D)