Regency Onyx

Regency Onyx Description

Regency Onyx electric fireplaces deliver on a new definition of electric fire innovation.  The finest crisp flame visuals appear to cance and soar between true-to-life log sets, dynamically lit from all angles for absolute immresion.  But the Onyx is far more than an electric fire.  Layer upon layer of visual technology weaves a palette of captivating lighting effects, which can be adjsuted to tranform your space, creating an ethereal experience tailored to every mood.

They come as single-sided, left or right corner and three-sided (bay).  There are three different viewing widths to choose from - 43", 59" and 76".  All units have a viewing height of 17" and fit in a 13" deep frame.   The units come with a life-like glowing ember bed with an artfully crafted oak log set, ember media and crystal ice media.  Optional realistic birch log set and optional mood lighting is also available.  This unit can be controlled by the Regency app - set, adjust and program the fireplace to turn on or off at your desired temperature and time.