Regency Alterra

Regency Alterra Description

The small, contemprorary Alterra non-catalytic wood insert provides a flush and clean design for your existing fireplace.  The compact heater delivers exceptional heating capacity and the two-speed blower helps distribute heat to the far corners of your living space.

This unit features a large viewing area with ceramic glass and the cast iron faceplate provides additional radiant heating.Cast iron hinges will never bend or break, and the brick-lined firebox reflects heat into the room.  An air wash curtain helps keep the glass clean, and the air adjustment is mounted on the front for easy access.

Use 18" logs in this insert, and have a typical burn time of up to 8 hours.  This unit typically heats 600 - 1,200 sq ft.  Firebox opening can be no larger than 25" W x 23" H.