Stuv 21

Stuv 21 Description

The Stûv 21 are unique.  Theys are manufactured to blend into the decor, the fire becomes the center of attraction. These modern fireplace models also feature a retractable guillotine window (with no frame at the bottom) that can be raised or lowered for an open or closed fire.. These zero clearance wood-burning fireplaces are available in various sizes, single or double-sided. They are elegant and discreet; enhancing the beauty of the fire and complementing your decor.

  • Guillotine glass window for an open or closed fire
  • Single or double-sided
  • Simplified access to all mechanisms

Stûv 21 wood fireplaces come in many sizes and are available in single or double-sided format to allow for multiple architectural integrations.  Only a delicate steel frame delimits the combustion chamber of Stûv 21 wood fireplaces, providing a wider view of the fire.

Stuv 21 fireplaces are not EPA 2020 approved, and cannot be installed in the Regional Disctrict of Central Okanagan.  Check your local building codes.