Supreme Astra Clean Face

Supreme Astra Clean Face Description

With three sizes to choose from, and all being EPA 2020 certified, the Clean Face Astra line of fireplaces meets everyone's needs, with a modern, contemporary look..

The compact Astra 24 combines convenient versatility with luxurious functionality. It is perfect for limited spaces and can often fit into existing wall cavities, minimising the need for extensive renovations. Yet with a large viewing area and the ability to accommodate logs up to 23 inches, the Astra serves as an efficient and striking centrepiece in any room.

With its angled firebox and notable height, the Astra 32 marries the beauty of a traditional Rumford-style fireplace with modern heating performance. Homeowners will also be impressed by its versatility throughout the changing seasons. While capable of heating large rooms with ease during winter, an optional fire-screen door allows for the ambiance of flickering fires to be enjoyed year-round. 

As the most powerful and efficient fireplace of the series, the Astra 38 can effortlessly heat spaces of up to 2,500 square feet. Large logs fit smoothly into its generous 3.8 cubic foot firebox, while the patented air control system allows homeowners to tailor the burn to their preference. The fireplace can also be used during warmer weather thanks to a removable fire screen that provides the beauty of a fire without the heat.

    Premium Quality Blower(s)
    Removable Ash Lip
    Patented Automatic Air Control
    Chimney Sweeping Cap
    Unique Door Operation
    Hot Air System
    Air Wash System
    Innovative Baffle Design
    Patented Variable Secondary Air Control
    Reversible Panels
    Cast-Iron Panels