Ooni Multi-fuel pizza ovens

Ooni Multi-fuel pizza ovens Description

Fueled by real wood or charcoal, Ooni's multi fuel ovens cook authentic wood-fired, stone-baked pizza in any outdoor space in just 60 seconds at a temperature of 950 degrees!  But why stop at pizzas?  Roasted meats, seared vegetables or even fresh bread will be part of your flame-cooked epic meal.

Purchase the optional gas burner for additional temperature control, and easy maintenance.

Ooni Karu’s stainless steel body is ceramic fiber-insulated, with an extra-thick Ooni Baking Stone and patented flame keeper for maximum heat retention.

The smaller Karu is portable - weighing just 26.4 lb and has a custom-designed fuel tray to maximize airflow and deliver a powerful blast of searing flame, reducing any ash to clean.

The larger Karu has a hinged oven door design with ViewFlame™ technology to boost visibility and has a mounted digital thermometer displaying internal ambient oven temperature (batteries included)