Ambiance Hipster 20

Ambiance Hipster 20 Description

Quality is guaranteed with every feature of the Hipster® 20 stove.  The innovative TruHybrid® combustion system provides more heat from less wood.  This wood burning stove complies with all current EPA requirements and is approved to be sold across the USA and Canada.  The Hipster® 20 is one of the few wood burning stoves that qualifies for the US 25-C Tax Credit. It boasts a HHV efficiency of 79% with emissions of only 0.6 gram/hour!

The constant and steady heat from the Hipster® 20 is smoothly delivered without the peaks and valleys felt from a steel stove.  This is due to the combination of cast iron and soapstone, both well known for the ability to absorb and slowly radiate heat for hours.  In fact, burn times can be as high as 24 hours on a single load of wood!  The Hipster® 20 firebox will take up to an 18” log.  And, the ceramic glass stays remarkably clean thanks to the air-wash process.  The stove is also backed up by an impressive limited lifetime warranty.



Soapstone Lining

Soapstone has no equal for heat management. It’s the best material for storing and slowly radiating heat. In fact, soapstone absorbs 15% more heat and radiates heat 5 times better than firebrick! This soapstone lining in the stove is also attractive and charming to look at, especially during those times of the year when there is no fire burning.


Outstanding Efficiency

The Hipster® Series is providing you with extremely efficient wood burning stoves. The Hipster® 14 and 20 have an optimal efficiency of 82% and extremely low emissions that are well below the EPA 2020 requirements. Quality materials and the TruHybrid® combustion technology combine for the most efficient stoves on the market. Ask your dealer to see the Certification of Efficiency or inspect the EPA test results for the Hipster® stoves. You’ll be impressed!


TruHybrid Techonology

This combustion strategy uses primary and secondary combustion along with a third (tertiary) combustion technique that uses a catalyst to achieve an exceptionally clean burn. Watch the fire through the glass and see the primary and secondary combustion at work. The primary combustion is the burning of the wood. Secondary combustion actually occurs above the wood and burns the smoke and other by-products the fire gives off. The tertiary combustion stage takes place in the catalyst and burns any gases or dust particles that may remain, before the insignificant amount that’s left goes up the chimney.


Exceptional Burn Time

Ingenious conception and quality materials such as cast iron and soapstone allow for the unit to burn a single load of wood for up to 16 hours on the Hipster® 14 and up to 24 hours on the Hipster® 20. The Hipster® 14 weighs 350 lbs. (159 kg), is rated at 40,000 BTU/hour and will heat up to 1400 square feet. The Hipster® 20 weighs 494 lbs. (269 kg), is rated at 60,000 BTU/hour and will heat up to 2000 square feet.



Crystal clear tall glass.

TruHybrid burn technology.

Soapstone lining inside for a beautiful even heat output.

Premium quality cast iron made in Europe.

Made in Vermont, USA.

Extra long burn times : up to 16 hours on the Hipster® 14 and up to 24 hours on the Hipster® 20.

Mobile Home Approved.