Ventis HE250R

Ventis HE250R Description

Contemporary design… straight lines, clean shapes, neutral colors. Ventis's HE250R brings a modern touch and blends functionality and comfort perfectly. With an efficiency topping 74% and emission below 1.2 g/h, there is not much more one can ask from a zero-clearance wood fireplace. Make your living room cozy and inviting for those cold winter nights!



▪Designed mainly for heating

▪Large classic fireplace with single door

▪EPA 2020 certified

▪Non-catalytic combustion technology

▪Installation authorized on the Island of Montreal

▪Firestop made of high density insulation board

▪Ventis distinctive louvers included

▪176 CFM blower included

▪Molded refractory stones

▪6" Ventis stainless steel anchor plate included

▪Fresh air intake adapter included