Ventis HE275CF

Ventis HE275CF Description

Look no further than the Ventis HE275CF for a single door, clean face wood burning fireplace to heat your space in contemporary style. Featuring a hot air gravity system, the HE275CF can easily heat more than one room. Low emissions of 1.14 g/h coupled with efficiency at 74% meet strict EPA guidelines. The large firebox holds 20″ logs for an 8-hr burn time. Enjoy the ambiance of a true wood fire in modern style with minimalist distinctive louvers complementing both new construction and remodeling wherever you live.



▪Designed mainly for heating

▪Large contemporary fireplace with single door

▪EPA 2020 certified

▪Non-catalytic combustion technology

▪Installation authorized on the Island of Montreal

▪Firestop made of high density insulation board

▪Minimalist Ventis distinctive louver

▪Molded refractory stones

▪6" Ventis stainless steel anchor plate included

▪Fresh air intake adapter and andiron included