Ventis HE325

Ventis HE325 Description

Look no further than the Ventis HE325 zero-clearance wood burning fireplace for the perfect combination of style and high efficiency. Featuring retractable double doors, the 2.9 cubic foot firebox provides up to 85,000 BTUs comfortably heating 750 to 2,500 square feet. Emissions are an incredibly low .99 g/h meeting the strictest of EPA standards. The retractable doors allow you to fully enjoy the sights and sounds of a real wood fire. With an optional forced air or hot air gravity kit, you can easily transfer heat to other areas of your home. 



▪Designed mainly for heating

▪Large, high-efficiency fireplace among the most powerful on the market

▪Retractable double doors for an unrivaled experience

▪EPA 2020 certified

▪Non-catalytic combustion technology

▪Installation authorized on the Island of Montreal

▪Firestop made of high density insulation board

▪Ventis distinctive louvers

▪176 CFM blower included

▪Molded refractory stones

▪6" Ventis stainless steel anchor plate included

▪Fresh air intake adapter included