Ventis ME300

Ventis ME300 Description

Enjoy both the sounds and the heat of a natural fireplace with our Ventis ME300. Thanks to its two standard firescreen doors, the fireplace can be operated with the glass doors opened. Its extra large 4.25 cubic foot firebox is clearly a guarantee for the best looking fire. Although the ME300 is not designed to provide an overnight burn, it is powerful enough to heat up to 1,500 square feet. Get the most out of this truly exceptional fireplace by using its standard blower or installing its optional warm air distribution kit. The features of our ME300 were created without compromise for the environment. Indeed, its emissions have been tested at 2.9 g/kg and are below the Phase II limit of the EPA Voluntary Wood Fireplace Program.



Designed mainly for ambiance

▪Generates enough heat in the event of a power failure

▪EPA qualified under the Low Mass program

▪Incomparable view on the flames

▪Molded refractory stones

▪176 CFM blower included

▪Firescreen doors included

▪Cast iron andirons included

▪8" Ventis stainless steel anchor plate included

▪Fresh air intake adapter included




*Not for sale in Central Okanagan Regional District