Ventis ME150

Ventis ME150 Description

The Ventis ME150 wood fireplace was developed for the thrifty home-owner who still demands elegance, robustness and high quality. This model with clean lines and timeless design will, without fail, match the style of any home. The ME150 boasts many features including a generous sized combustion chamber, high quality ceramic glass, firescreen doors, and cast iron grate, all at a competitive price. An optional variable speed blower is also offered to improve heat distribution, maximizing your comfort. The ME150, a gift to offer others or a gift to yourself!



▪Designed mainly for ambiance

▪Generates enough heat in the event of a power failure

▪EPA exempt

▪Premium manufacturing quality

▪Molded refractory stones

▪Factory-installed doors and faceplate

▪Firescreen doors included

▪Cast iron reclining grate

▪7" Ventis stainless steel anchor plate included

▪Fresh air intake adapter included




*Not for sale in Central Okanagan Regional District