Lopi Stoves Northfield Gas Stove

Lopi Stoves Northfield Gas Stove Description

The Northfield™ cast iron gas stove is a true work of art. Its classical Early American design and three-sided wrap around fire view more closely resemble a piece of fine furniture than a gas stove. Despite its size, the Northfield features an incredibly large 283 square inches of fire viewing, which highlights the stove’s beautiful fire display from any angle in the room. The ceramic glass on this stove features the 2015 ANSI approved invisible safety screen to prevent accidental contact with hot surfaces without detracting from the stunning fire view. The Northfield produces up to 22,000 BTUs and has an exceptional turndown ratio of 70%, giving you the ultimate control over the heat output level. This stove can be top or rear vented and boasts close clearances to adjoining walls (5” in the back and 3 ½” on the sides), allowing you to install it virtually anywhere in your home. 

The Northfield features the revolutionary GreenSmart™ 2 gas system and the award winning Ember-Fyre™ burner. The incredibly realistic Ember-Fyre™ burner simulates a real wood burning fire with its highly detailed log set and glowing, yellow flames. Turn on the interior accent lighting to add drama to the fire display, whether the stove is on or off.  Eligible for Fortis BC rebate.

The Northfield is available in three different finishes: New Iron Paint, Oxford Brown Enamel, or Carbon Patina.


Heating CapacityUp to 850 sq. ft.
Maximum BTU Input22,000
VentingTop or Rear
Burner SystemEmber Fyre ®