Bentley See Through

Bentley See Through Description

With an expansive glass viewing area and clever designer options, we think that the Bentley is pure designer perfection. Now, we bring you a see-through Bentley by Marquis which means you get the same view … twice!  Being able to enjoy the beauty and warmth from both sides means we’ve doubled the reasons to love the Bentley ST.  Now available in two models - a basic model and a high-efficient model which is eligible for a Fortis BC rebate.


  • Dedicated Clean View appliance
  • IPI valve system allows operation during a power failure with Hi/Low heat and flame adjustment
  • Safety Screen Barrier


  • Three styles of designer doors: Arch, Straight Black Doors (2 options)
  • Surrounds – Hearth Mount, Picture Frame or Slim Line Picture Frame
    • Hearth Mount 4” Wide (Covers 44 5/8” W x 38 1/8” H)
    • Picture Frame 4” Wide (Covers 44 5/8” W x 40 1/8” H)
    • Picture Frame 1 5/8” Wide (Covers 40 1/8” W x 35 5/8” H)
  • Porcelain Reflective or Traditional Black liners
  • Glass Tray allows you to choose from the following media:
    • Contemporary Rock (2 options)
    • Driftwood Set
    • Decorative Stones
    • Decorative Ember Glass (Glacier Ice, Cobalt Blue, Black, Bronze and White)
    • Multi-Coloured Cannonballs
  • Log Sets – Two Driftwood Sets (6 or 8 Piece), Two Oak Sets (7 or 8 Piece).
  • Accent Lighting – for use with the Glass Tray
  • Thermostat – Wall Mount Thermostat or Programmable Thermostat
  • Remote Controls – Thermostat on/off, Thermostat on/off modulating, Thermostat on/off modulating and fan/light control.
  • Fan Kit – Heat activated with variable speed control.