Jotul 300 Allagash

Jotul 300 Allagash Description

Fuelled by the quiet durability of our revolutionary new JøtulBurner ™ the Jøtul GF 300 Allagash is created to endure. Incorporating Jøtul Heat Fin technology for optimum heat exchange and with a 50% heat turn down capability, the Jøtul GF 300 Allagash fulfills the heat requirements of a variety of living spaces.  Eligible for Fortis BC rebate.

Available in two models - a direct vent unit with pilot on demand, which allows use of the optional basic remote control; or a cost-saving electronic Proflame II ignition system, which allows you to use the optional deluxe remote control and also offers an optional accent light kit.

Other options for both models include: Antique brick panel kit, wall thermostat, floor bracket kit (for mobile home installations), variable speed blower fan kit, leg leveler kit and short leg kit.  Also available in three colour choices: black paint, blue black and brown majolica

Size   Height: 28"  Width: 22.5"  Depth: 17.5"

Approved for open/closed door fire viewing with Safety Screen Barrier (Included with unit)
50% heat control turn down
Top or rear vent options
Heating capacity up to 1300 sq ft
Mobile Home approved
Efficiency 70.1%
BTU range 14,000 - 26,000