Tempest Torches

Tempest Torches Description

A. Natural Venturi Effect                             

As the flames rise, the natural Venturi effect will cause the flames to spiral and dance within the tempered glass walls. 

B. Stainless Steel Construction  

Designed for durability and long life combined with clean contemporary lines. * Optional rain cap provided at no additional cost

C. 3-Ring Burner Head 

Circular stainless steel burner designed to enhance the spinning flames as they raise off the burner. 

D. Ingenious Concealed Tension Springs 

Allows for easy removal of tempered glass for cleaning and service.

E. Gas Control Valve

Provided ON/OFF and variable flame height control of the flame.

F. Dry Weather Igniter

After engaging gas, simply twist the Piezo igniter to light the torch. Access for a wand lighter is provided to light the torch in all weather conditions.